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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation In Oshawa

Divorce mediation offers an affordable solution to Oshawa couples with a focus on avoiding confrontation. You will discover that you can more easily overcome adversity and instead work together to find solutions and compromises that will prove beneficial to you both.

Through divorce mediation you will be better able to come to an agreeable settlement. It will also take into consideration issues that complicate the divorce process such as children. It takes a more compassionate approach in order to avoid angry confrontations and can work for most situations.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is when an independent person assists two parties to come to a settlement instead of resorting to the courts. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that divorce mediation is when a mediator attempts to assist two spouses to resolves their issues so that they can have a fair and amicable divorce instead of being forced to fight it out in a long and painful legal battle.

Why Should You Choose Divorce Mediation?

There are a number of reasons that spouses should seek mediation before resorting to a legal battle:

  • Meditation can be both less expensive and less time-consuming that a legal battle. Since a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that most people will encounter, this can make it a much more pleasant alternative than fighting it out in the courts.
  • Since the spouses are the ones in control of the mediation, the results are likelier to reflect their stances on what is fair rather than the law's stance on what is fair. As a result, they are likelier to find that mediation leads to results that are more palatable to them.
  • A legal battle is a antagonistic process. As a result, people who choose divorce mediation tend to have better relationships with their former spouses after their divorce, which can be particularly important if they have children.

Reduce Heartache and Cost

When you are facing a divorce in Oshawa, it is very easy to get caught up in the emotional aspect of the dispute. In order to resolve issues in a more amiable manner it is often easier to seek the assistance of divorce mediation before investing in costly legal fees.

Divorce mediation also plays a key role in avoiding the financial devastation that often results from costly litigation. It allows couples to concentrate their finances logically and fairly instead of investing thousands of dollars into legal fees. This makes it easier for both parties to get on with their lives fairly and comfortably. Divorce mediation is a fraction of the cost of a legal solution and is usually a flat fee split between the parties.

Also, stress can often be lessened through divorce mediation. You can handle your issues with compassion and civility with an Oshawa mediator that has both of your best interests at heart.

Mediators are trained in problem solving and can not only reduce stress and cost but also help expedite the divorce process by avoiding wait times.

Those wanting to try divorce mediation should contact us at their earliest convenience for assistance.